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Transform your kitchen with sensational luxury worktops at easily affordable prices.

Let us help you create the fantasy kitchen you've always wanted. Stunning new worktops installed by our expert fitters can magically transform your kitchen from drab embarrassment to magnificent centre piece that you’ll want to enjoy with all your family and friends.

Just browse the site and choose from the many stunning designs and luxury materials to find your perfect worktops. Then click on the quote button to get a quick and easy quote e-mailed directly back to you in seconds.  

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Why Choose Direct Kitchen Worktops?

Why Choose Direct Kitchen Worktops?We hope you’ll feel like we do that choosing a new kitchen is not simply a purchase, but the realisation of your dream for making your home more beautiful, comfortable, practical and stylish.

DuPont Corian Kitchen Worktops

Corian Solid Surfaces

If you’re yearning for beautifully designed and executed kitchen worktops that will thrill & delight you and make your neighbours green with envy, Corian® is the natural choice.

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Luxore Quartz Kitchen Work Surfaces

Luxore Quartz Worksurfaces

Luxore quartz worktops combine all the best features of natural Granite without the drawbacks to give you one of the best looking and most durable work surfaces available.

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Natural Granite Kitchen Work Surfaces

Natural Granite Worktops

The natural beauty of Granite can be irresistible. Granite never goes out of fashion and has a style and elegance all of its own.

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LG HI-MACS Kitchen Worktops and Worksurfaces

LG HI-MACS Worksurfaces

With LG HI-MACS®  kitchen worktops you'll love the combination of  'warm to the touch' feel and hardwearing durability.

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Is A Corian Worktop Worth Your Money?

When you’re scouting for a worktop material that will best suit your kitchen, one of the main considerations, naturally, is your budget. Whether you’re looking at Corian worktop prices or the price of any other worktop, the concern is always getting the best value for your money.

Whether big or small, what’s important is that you get the most out of the material you choose. A good way to ensure this is by finding a reliable retailer of quality worktop materials. Imagine spending what you think is a good deal on cheap granite, only to have it crumble and subject to regular maintenance because you didn’t know any better. You’ll end up spending more than you bargained for!


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